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Don't Mess With The Library

Apparently some people are freaking out about books available in the RHHS library. Quite honestly, these people can kiss my tail.

I was bullied through elementary and middle school. Not the term we used back then, but that's what it was. I was a small, sensitive kid and an easy target, I guess. Books were my refuge. By the time I got to high school most of that had passed, but I was still a shy, withdrawn kid. I spent hours each week in the library.

I was not allowed to check out every book, because the librarians aren't idiots and care for the students. I had to get parental permission to check some out.

As an example, I got permission to read Stephen King's IT in 10th grade. Looking back, that was a horrible idea. As a result I ended up getting ordained as a minister and getting an Masters of Divinity in my 30s.

In other words, I was fine. It's a book, people. It did not turn me into a killer. I didn't even decide to be a clown and hide in sewers.

People are afraid of books because they're afraid in general. They're used to getting their way, and used to being in little insulated groups where no outside opinions can get it. And you know what? That's fine, I quite honestly don't waste any time worrying about it.

But people who are going on and on about indoctrinating kids are same one who are terrified of letting their kids hear differing opinions. Hearing different ideas would mess with their attempts to indoctrinate their own kids.

I've got bad news for you: It won't work. It's a big, big world out there. And eventually they're going to read history, read philosophy, read stories that you kept hidden from them. Stories you told them were evil. And they're going to realize you lied, mainly to protect yourself.

And they may hate you for it.

Your best bet is to be a guide to them. Help them understand the world, and their place in it.
Or, y'know, go hide under a rock. Whatevs. But don't go after librarians. They saved 13 year old me.

This was originally posted on Facebook. I decided to put it here for easier sharing.

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