The Naughty Baptist


  1. On Sucking at Both Prayer and Faith
  2. The Spiritual Art of Shutting Up
  3. Thoughts on a theology of hopelessness
  4. Two Ideas of the Kingdom of God
  5. Books that have helped me learn about racism
  6. Best Books of 2019
  7. "Are you his dad?"
  8. Open Letter to Scott Pruitt
  9. Eulogy for my dad
  10. Tommy Lee Fordham, Sr - December 4, 1949 - July 20, 2017
  11. Foster Parents are not special
  12. The Problem We Don't Want to Solve
  13. White People Wednesday
  14. It has to stop
  15. DC Not Making Marvel's Mistake
  16. Remembering Ivey Spence
  17. Dr Martin Luther King Links
  18. Paris, evil, and the ignorance of childhood
  19. Trump and the GOP Debate
  20. Missing the point of An Event Apart
  21. Stop giving simple answers to evil
  22. Nice men in pointy hats
  23. Why doctrine matters
  24. Missions Monday: Another 'Makeover' home is sold
  25. Missions Monday - Missions and Money
  26. Missions Monday: How Matters
  27. Attractive section of content: A walk through my spam filter
  28. Missions Monday: Why Matters
  29. Knowing the Power of Sin
  30. We went to The Journey, and all I got was peed on
  31. Calvinism is the Gospel
  32. Letter about Warren Hill
  33. Various and Sundry (5/16)
  34. On small groups, babies, and bathwater
  35. We must reduce the demand
  36. In which I'm inspired by Rachael Ray
  37. How to Talk About Politics Without Being a Jerk
  38. On the sale of the Savannah Extreme Home Makeover House
  39. Random Thoughts on Good News for the Poor
  40. Letter from a Birmingham Jail
  41. Welcome to