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I grew up pretty conservative. How conservative is that? During my senior year in high school, I would get out of class and into my car in just enough time to catch the end of Rush Limbaugh. I have a response letter from a piece of fan mail I sent to William F. Buckley. I still have, somewhere, an autographed picture of G. Gordon Liddy.

So, pretty conservative.

I grew up a fairly normal southerner. After I became a Christian in my senior year, I fell mostly into your usual Christian Coalition-type thinking. I graduate in 1994, so those of you my age or older can place my views in the context of that time.

Most of my views today are not really recognizable from the ones I held at 18. I'm almost twice that age now. I've been married a bit over 10 years. I have a career, a mortgage, three dogs and a cat. A lot has changed.

To conservatives now I tend to be too liberal. For liberals, of course, I'm too conservative. As far as religion goes, I'm definitely a conservative Christian. I fall pretty squarely into the Reformed Baptist tradition.

It's my conservative Christianity that creates a lot of my liberal views.

I hope to write out my political journey to this point sometime in the future. That will have to wait for another time. I have a few other ideas about some stuff to put here. Then it will be a matter of seeing where it goes.

Should be interesting, no matter what.