The Naughty Baptist

Entitled to Win

Yesterday Kelly Loeffler announced she's forming a group a group those who feel their vote wasn't secure. Today David Perdue stated that he won't be seeking his old Senate seat, but says he hopes Georgia acts to make sure "illegal votes will not be included" in future elections.

Also today, Georgia's Secretary of State (again) confirmed our elections were completely secure.

The fact (and it is a fact) that our elections were completely legit drives Republicans crazy. Why? Why do they insist that people cheated?

The answer is simple: To accept that they lost a fair election is to admit they are no longer in power. So instead they say, "we didn't lose, you cheated."

As Wilkerson might say, the dominant caste cannot accept losing to others, so they invent stories to explain it away. The irony, of course, is while complaining that people have acted unfairly, they act to disenfranchise those who might vote against them.

Far too many white people believe they are entitled to win all contests. Not because their ideas are better, or because they've formed broad coalitions. No, they deserve to win just because they're used to winning, and believe that is as things should be. And they will use the power they have to remove any and all threats to that power, democracy be damned.

As others have said, Georgia was not a red state, it was a gerrymandered, disenfranchised state. The election in November, and runoff in January, proved it.

It's just something people like Loeffler and Perdue cannot accept. So Loeffler, who has never been elected to office in the first place, is now going to "protect" our rights. Sure.

We still have so much work to do.