The Naughty Baptist

Trump and the GOP Debate

Amber has asked if I intend to watch the GOP debate tonight. The answer is, "No, I will be in our room, drinking and quietly weeping for the Republic."

I don't intend to vote Republican in the next presidential race. That may change between here and there, but at this point I don't forsee it happening. That said, there are a couple candidates among the 17(!) who I could live with. I think I'd be OK with Jeb Bush, overall. I kinda like Rubio in general.

At the very least I think those two pass my "beer and BBQ" test: I only want a president who I feel I could sit down and chat with over a beer while eating some grilled or smoked food.

So it's not most of the guys themselves. Nor is the the number, though I do find that amusing in a way. I tweeted a joke about it on June 1:

Thinking about announcing a campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. Because why not? All the cool kids are doing it

— Bryan Fordham (@bfordham) June 2, 2015

No, my problem and concern is simple: Trump is polling at almost twice the person in the #2 spot. Twice. Don't get me wrong. Trump is free to run. And he's free to be a complete buffoon. What bothers me is that there's a sizeable segment of the population that seems to think Trump having his hand on the nuclear trigger is a good idea. And yes, people are free to support him. And I'm free to say they're out of their minds and scare me to death.