The Naughty Baptist

Paris, evil, and the ignorance of childhood

My two kids, and our current foster kids, have finished breakfast and are happily playing. K keeps running to show me what she's built or found.

They are blissfully unaware of the attack in Paris. They do not even realize such evil exists in the world.

I am dreading the day they become aware of it.

The reason I hate prosperity theology is that it cannot handle evil. (And yes, I mean the word "hate," not dislike or something else lighter.) Osteen and his ilk basically give you a spell by which you can bind God, speak the words and God will have to bless you. Then some terrorists set off bombs and kill (according to the most recent account I've seen) 127 people and all the big smiles in the worlds will not handle it.

True Christianity has no problem explaining the existence of evil. Not that it will give you an explanation, the "why" behind each act of evil. But it gives me a framework to understand it, to fight it, and to maintain hope through it.

I'm solid on that, I understand it, I've taught it to others.

But this morning I am looking at these kids and thinking, God, I really don't want to have to teach this to them. I know it's unrealistic, but there it is.

Come quickly, Lord!